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July 25, 2009

Poetry Activity

Poetry is a wonderful way to read, improve fluency, and increase comprehension. A poetry video is even better!

Here is your poetry reading challenge for the week:

Watch the two videos clips below (more than once) and then answer the questions about each video!

Video # 1

Video #2

Answer the questions below in your reading journal.

Video #1

1. Choose your favorite poem from the video. What is the title? What did you like about the poem?

2. My favorite poem is "Ode to a Washing Machine." What do you think is my favorite part of the poem?

Video #2

1. What is "Spicy Hot Colors" about?

2. Choose 2 of your favorite colors from the video clip. Tell me why they are your favorite. Be descriptive!

I hope you enjoyed these poems and this reading challenge!

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