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July 24, 2009

Reading Challenge !

Here is your Reading Challenge for the Week!

1. Read my blog post called, "Why is reading so important?"

2. What is #1 from my blog post? Put the answer on the "Topic" line of your graphic organizer passed out in class today.

3. Find a ebsite, a news article, or 3 visual representations that will prove to me that #1 has meaning! ( if you are really in a creative mood, I will even watch a youtube video - Remember this is a school assignment - Rated G PLEASE!! )

4. Thin about how you connect to #1?

5. You may present your "proof" to me in any format. Be creative. Make a collage, write an essay, make a powerpoint.

Reminder: This is due Friday! Spelling counts! We will have a drawing next week for all the students who correctly completed the challenge!

Happy Reading !

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