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July 31, 2009

Today's Tutoring Tip !

I love to teach reading so much that I also tutor. The best thing about being a tutor is the one on one time.

Today's tip:

Play any reading game to improve their skills! Be as creative as possible! I love word making games. Here is one my kids love:

"Magic Word Bucket"

1. Have small letters in a bucket. Make sure if you make these you have a lot of extra vowels and commonly used letters ( r, s, t, m, y, n, d )

2. Have a large spoon (a ladle is perfect!)

3. Scoop up some letters and spread them on the table.

4. Begin to make as many words as you can!

5. For every letter a player uses, the person gets 1 point!
For example: week is 4 points

6. When all the possible letters in the pile have been used, compare points with the other player. Who ever has the most points wins that round. Remember: sometimes there will be left over letters.

7. I also give bonus points to the kids who use a q or z if that is a letter they have scooped up!

8. Have fun making words !

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