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August 26, 2009

Can Writing be Fun ???

When it is time to write in school or at home, a lot of kids bring out their avoidance behaviors.

I know that with all those state writing tests, teachers feel the have to teach to the writing test, but when writing is presented in a fun and personal way, students will learn those tricks they need when that BIG SCARY STATE TEST arrives!

One of the best authentic writing pieces I ever had my students produce was when we returned from a field trip or a school event (i.e. concert, presentation, play). This is where you tap into their writing. Kids love to share what they like and dislike!


1. As soon as you return, begin a writing session.
2. Give them a few quick directions for their writing.
3. Then let them "quick write."
4. End this writing session with a whole group sharing! Tell the kidos they will return to this writing tomorrow.

Day Two

1. Give students specific directions. (Maybe those things you"need" to cover for that state test).
*** Sometimes I use my own quick write here and model my expectations for their edits.
2. Have students elaborate on their quick write. Add more details, make the writing flow in a logical manner, add a closing thought.
3. Have another sharing session. This can be done with a partner, small group or whole group!

See how their passion for something improves their writing skills!

Happy writing!

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