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August 18, 2009

Today's Tutoring Tip !

Here is my latest tutoring tip: Reading Games Rock!

Yes, I have said this once before, but it really motivates a struggling reader and gives them confidence.

The Game: Making Words

Materials: "word mats" (I used blue paper, decorated them and laminated them) di Scrabble letters in a bucket paper or a white board & dry erase marker to keep score


1. Roll the di ( If you have older kids with a high reading level, you can use two dice).

2. If the player rolls a 1 the player loses a turn.

3. For a roll of 2 to 6, you will take that number of scrabble letters from the bucket without looking!

4. On the word mat, the player will try to make a word with the letters pulled from the bucket. For ex: Roll a 5 and choose the letters: k e y c a You can spell cake

5. Use the points on the scrabble letters to get your score.

6. Place the letters back into the bucket.

7. The next player begins. 8. Take turns until a player reaches 30 points and wins. (This point value can be higher for older readers).

Have fun! Happy word making!

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  1. I'll have to admit that I almost didn't read this entire game because I only have the game UpWords (not Scrabble). However, I really like how the Scrabble letters are jumbled in a bucket. A teacher can even buy an incomplete Scrabble game at a garage sale and use it successfully with this game. Thanks for sharing!