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September 10, 2009

Writing About Color

Another writing activity. There are two ways to approach this lesson.

1. Writing a poem about color

2. Teaching & writing about mood or metaphor*

Think About This: If you are planning on teaching about a literary device, you can decide if you want to teach the definitions before or after you watch the video!

Watch the video "Yesterday, I had the Blues" a few times!

Think about how the color describes the mood of each character.

Discuss one example from the video. List the words used to describe that color and mood.

Next, use the same color you discussed with the class and write a new paragraph or poem.

For example:

I got the silly, bright buzzing bumblebee yellows,
The sweet, make my cheeks pucker, lemonade yellows,
The warm sunshine on my face yellows.

Now have each student make a list of words that remind them of a color. Then have them write it in a paragraph or poem! If you want to students to understand mood, make sure it is expressed in their poem!

Be Creative and Have fun!

* Literary Devices:

mood: emotional condition created by the text. It refers to the general sense or feeling which the reader is supposed to get from the text.

metaphor: a comparison of two things

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