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October 23, 2009

Halloween Read Aloud

Happy Haunting, Amelia Bedelia by Herman Parish

This is a hilarious book for a read aloud to 3rd or 4th grade. Kids love to talk about all the ways Amelia misunderstands direction as she prepares for the Halloween Bash! This book has a lot of wonderful word play. You can extend this book into an author study way past Halloween!

My favorite follow up writing activity:

1. On stripes of paper list a bunch of directions.

2. Have students pretend they are Ameila Bedelia and write the directions from her point of view. Students will need a lot of modelling with this activity!!!!

3. Write you own example with the students to show them how humorous and creative they can be!

4. Plan for a few days with this writing activity!

3. Have fun.... Don't forget to share those directions in the authors chair!

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