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November 3, 2009

How Poetry Improves Fluency and Reading Ability

I was teaching reading in a first grade classroom last week and I saw a wonderful idea that could be used with my struggling readers who are below grade level.

After giving it some thought, I really feel this can be done from grades 1 to 5 and the kids would love it!

Create a Poetry Notebook

1. Use a composition notebook.

2. Collect one to three poems a week. (This depends on the grade level and the reading level of your students)

3. Have students work in your small guided reading group to read and discuss the poem early in the week.

4. Look for patterns in the poems - whatever skill you may be teaching (maybe your word study pattern or rhymes)

5. Glue poems in their poetry notebooks.

6. Throughout the week have student practice reading aloud their poems with a partner or to the class. You can even choose three students a day from a "poetry jar" to read their favorite poem to the class.

This is a wonderful way to increase oral reading practice, improve fluency, and word recognition skills.

I plan to add this activity to my weekly tutoring sessions.

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