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November 2, 2009

Spelling Games!

I always loved to play spelling games in my classroom. I always tried to play cooperative games because as a student I never could spell well so I always wanted my students to have help when playing spelling games. Here are two of my favorites that I have played in my classroom: Spelling Basketball (no you do not even need a basketball) - Divide students into 4 or 5 teams - Assign words a point value (a 2-pointer shot or a 3 pointer shot) - Have one team choose a word from their list - Have teams spell word together or write it on a small white board - If they spell it correctly they get their point. If not another team can get a "penalty shot" and spell the word for 1 point. *** If you want you can a small ball and have the kids take the shot for Bonus points. Spelling Relay - Divide you class into two teams - Then have 3 kids line up in a row - Have a second team line up - Call out a word - Kidos take turns running to the board to spell the word - If the previous person made a mistake, the next player can correct it - Whoever spells the word first correct wins the round I have played this with kids - and they can do it relatively quiet if you stress the game will end if they get too out of hand. It is also a great game to play right before dismissal!

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