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November 10, 2009

Vivid Verbs

All teachers want their students to write with descriptive word choice. I teach lessons on vivid verbs all the time in both writing and poetry! I explain to my students how I want to " BE A PART OF THE ACTION" as I am reading their work.

Here is one lesson the kidos always enjoy:

1. Have this Shel Silverstein poem on chart paper:

"Standing is Stupid"

Standing is stupid,
Crawling's a curse,
Skipping is silly,
Walking is worse.
Hopping is hopeless,
Jumping's a chore,
Sitting is senseless,
Leanings a bore.
Running ridiculous,
Jogging's insane -
Guess I'll go upstairs and
Lie down again.

2. After reading aloud this poem, have students identify the verbs in the poem.

3. Talk about what they visualize in their minds. Discuss what ways the poem is vivid.

4. Now discuss how these verbs can be even MORE vivid.

5. Come up with a list of synonyms for these verbs,

6. Now come up with new phrase to write a new class poem.

7. Next, it is time for independent writing. Tell students then can choose any action for their first line. They can have a brand new topic. Boys really get into this because they think of their favorite sport and there are a lot action words in sports! Have your students write their own "ACTION" poem. I also write my own poem to share.

8. Share and publish.

9. As a follow up lesson, have the students move from a poem to a paragraph using more vivid verbs!

Have fun!

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