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December 11, 2009

Holiday Read Aloud !

I LOVE holiday Books! Here is another wonderful read aloud!

The Wild Christmas Reindeer by: Jan Brett

I have read this in grade 2 and grade 4... the kidos always love it. There are a few fun things I have done with it too!

Story: Teeka has to fetch the reindeer for Santa's big ride and she wants everything to be perfect. She has trouble training the reindeer and becomes very bossy. Teeka realizes she needs a new approach.


1. While reading I stop and ask "Do you have any text to text connections?" Kidos usually talk about how the reindeer have names different than the Rudolf song. I also ask, " Is there any text to self connections?"

2. With my fourth graders I give them copies of the Rudolf story and with a partner they make a venn diagram to compare the two stories.

3. With my second graders we make a T-chart and discuss Teeka and her character traits in the beginning of the story and at the end of the story.

4. I also have both classes write a response in the reading journals about the story.

Happy Reading !

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