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December 17, 2009

Reading During the Holiday Break

Here are some ideas I have used in the past when my students have their winter break.

1. Send home a fun packet with a variety of activities. I had five journal entries, some math pages, word searches related to the holiday, crossword puzzles, and some coloring pages. Then I add a letter from me on the last page telling them how proud I was that they worked on their packet during the break and to make sure they bring it back for a special surprise in January.

2. Send home a reading calendar. I usually make seven pages, but request the child try to fill out five. Ask your students to read every night with someone different (This is great for all those visits your child may have during the holiday!) Ask the child to have their reading partner write two sentences about the book sharing time they had. Then have the child write something about the book, too. I take every name of the children who return the packet to me in January and have a raffle. I choose three winners and give out small prizes, like a small marker set, a homework pass, or a lunch with the teacher pass!

3. Make a list together in their reading journal. Tell them to come up with different ways they can READ, READ, READ, during the holidays. Then make a grid in their reading journals so they can track the activity and the amount of time spent reading. Students never realize how much they are reading!

For example:
Reading Activity
1. Reading on the Internet
2. Reading the comics
3. "Reading" a game

4. Ask your class to choose a favorite picture book and read it over their break. Then have them do a creative book review on it. There are SO MANY ideas for responding to literature that involve art, music, or even using a PC! Think outside the Box!

Dont' forget to tell your students to have a wonderful break and HAPPY READING!!!!!!!!!!

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