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December 1, 2009

Word Pattern Practice with a Holiday Twist !

Countdown to Christmas with Reading!

The little girl I tutor asked if we could make a tree to countdown to Christmas. I said it had to be related to reading, so I thought about it for a few days and this is the concept!

1. Make a large Christmas tree with enough room to place 24 round ornaments on it.

2. Create a booklet with 24 pages. (You could also use a writing journal that your kidos may already have in the classroom). The booklet will have a rime at the top of each page. There are 37 common rimes used in reading. Use for this list if you do not know the rimes!

3. Cut out 24 round ornaments and write the rimes you chose for the booklet.
For example: If you have – ack on the first page of your booklet, also put it on ornament number 24

4. On December 1st, have a student find ornament number 24 and place it on the large cut out Christmas tree.

5. Have the students take out their books and try to come up with 24 words that end in that rime.
For example:
Tack rack, black, snack, track, etc

6. Do this daily as a morning activity. Each day the number of words kidos come up with will get smaller and smaller. Save the shorter lists for the last days of the countdown!

7. Talk about the lists the class generates. If you have younger kidos they can work on the lists with a partner.

8. This is also a great send home activity for the month of December!

**** If rimes are a concept that is too high for your kidos, this can be done as a circle time activity. You can use a letter a day, or easier word patterns such as –at !! ***

Happy Reading!

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