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January 27, 2010

Descriptive writing

One of my favorite writing lessons with my kids is descriptive writing. I have to teach grammar, so my adjectives unit is always around this time. This lesson works great with introducing adjectives.

One of the first activities I do is making a chart of Examples and Non-examples of adjectives. Each student would receive an index card with a word and have to place it in the correct category. We would then have a discussion about adjectives and how that make writing more descriptive.

Next, I hand out small slips of paper with an adjective written on them for the students. These words come from a poster I just love " How Am I Feeling Today?"

I also have tracers I made of the face for the class to decorate after they are done writing.

The kidos use a thesaurus and look up synonyms for their adjective. They then write a descriptive poem with their word as the title. I often give my students a format to follow with this poem because I model a sample.

The kids love this writing activity! I keep them up for the rest of the year, so if they are every need a descriptive word or adjective, they can use these poems!

Happy Writing!

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