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January 15, 2010

Tutoring Tip - Word Recoginition

Sight word flash cards are one great way to increase word recognition with struggling readers. It is something I do when I tutor one on one.

There always come a point when the speed word list becomes a task too easy for the child. This can also increase boredom, which is something a reading teacher like myself never wants!!

At this point in word recognition practice, I move on to more challenge flash cards. I begin with Fry's Most Read 100 Phrases. This can be found here:

Fry's Phrases

I write the phrases on larger index cards. I introduce them by reading them once and then have the child repeat them. We go through the list a few times. I begin with 8-10 phrases. During each tutoring session the child reads them aloud to me.

I have always called this "SPEED READ" because the kidos just love to increase their reading rate. Once these phrases are mastered, I add new phrases. ( Usually every other week!)

Happy Reading!

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