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January 11, 2010

Winter Writing Wonderland !

Are your kids distracted by the snow? Do they keeping asking you if they can go outside to make a snowman?

Well, take their indoor idleness and turn it into a poetry writing lesson that encourages your kidos to use sensory images and alliteration to the fullest!

Have your class come up with a list of all the wonder things about winter. ( you know, the snowflakes, the snowman making, the snowball fights, the sledding, the skiing, the hot cocoa and soup, the toasty blanket in front of a fireplace)

Model for your students a 5 to 8 lined poem using sensory images and/or alliteration examples. I usually draw a large snow cap on chart paper and write the poem inside. I title my poem "Chilly Choices."


Chilly Choices
by: Literacy Teacher

Snowy Saturday
Sledding with speed
Down a slippery snow covered hill
Winter wind whips across my cheery red cheeks
Snowballs whiz above my head
Silly me topples over a snowdrift....
Time to try again.

Have your kids edit and rewrite poems on their own winter hats! Then read aloud to the class, and place them around the room or on a bulletin board.

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