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February 22, 2010

Bears! Bears! Bears!

I blogged about this author once before (here). Since then I have been searching for more of Karma Wilson's books. Here is my recent purchase and how I plan to use it in the classroom!

Bear Wants More (2003)

Bear wakes up in spring hungry as can be, so he searches for food while meeting friends on the way. This story has a cute twist and a funny ending!

Teaching Ideas:

1. There is rhyming text which lends itself to a lesson about how words can rhyme without being spelled with the same patterns.

2. Reader's Theater

3. Themes of friendship, helping one another, bears, springtime, sharing.

4. There are wonderful illustrations to use for making inferences. Cover up the words and discuss what could possibly be happening in those pictures. Make a class chart or have kids write their own inferences before reading the book. Then read the story and discuss if the inferences
were correct.

5. There are great descriptive verbs in this book: waddles, nibbles, scampers, tromp, shuffles,romps, gobbles, snuggles. Go on a verb hunt and then talk about how these words help you visualize the story.

If these ideas are not enough, you can always take a peak at these links:

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Happy reading!

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