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March 1, 2012

Using Your ABC's

Here is another great idea from The Mailbox. I have added an idea below that is related to reading!

ABC Review
Each Monday, tape a long piece of bulletin board paper on the back of your door or on the side of a wall. Write the alphabet in large print down the left side of the paper. Then write a topic that you’ll study that week at the top of the paper.Encourage students to list one word that fits the topic and begins with each letter by Friday. Save the weekly lists so students can see how much they’ve learned at the end of the year!

Reading Idea:

Take your story of the week and make an ABC list as you read and reread the story. If you are teaching older students, you can do this by chapter. Then at the end of the book have small groups make a review ABC list. The possibilities are endless for an ABC list!

Happy Reading!

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