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If you can read this, thank a teacher !!

April 17, 2010


Here in New York, several teachers are on spring break! I am having a stay-cation! It will be nice to have some time to myself!

For those of you still teaching I hope you are reading a lot of poetry and Earth Day books!

Today I am sharing a writing activity I did with one of my first graders. We were reading a story about two animals taking a trip. One animal surprised the other animal by popping out of the suitcase at the end of the story.

My student said, " Gee, it does not seem like that should be the end of the story!"

I asked, "Should we write a new ending?" The student happily agreed!

We used the book for ideas and did some interactive writing! This is when the student tells the story and the teacher scribes for the student and also adds some ideas to the plot. When the teacher comes to words that the student can spell, the pen is passed to the student. It is a great way to encourage writing in the primary grades!

His illustrations we added and after I laminated the book, he read it aloud to the class! It was a great way to increase his writing abilities, his fluency, and his self confidence while reading aloud to his classmates!

I love when lessons grow from a student's interest!

Adding to a story or picture book is a great way for students to think about literature in a different way. In the older grades, students could partner write a story which works well with those kidoss who do not like to write!

Happy Reading and Writing!

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  1. Hi Literacy Teacher! Thanks for your comment on Dead Class Pets :) I'm with you on loving Poetry Month! We've been reading, listening to, and writing poems in my second grade class, and I'm excited to start writing some based off of Langston Hughes' "The Blues." It's always fun to hear what gives second graders the blues!