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May 3, 2010

My Favorite Graphic Organzier

There is a graphic organizer that I love. When I taught 4th grade I used it across the curriculum. It was my favorite! Every year around March my students would beg, " Please NO MORE !! "

It just has SO MANY possibilities, that I always use it again and again! It is the T-Chart!

I have used the T-chart to introduce part of speech. I pass out index card of examples and non-examples. Then we discuss or correct the chart as a class. The T-chart works great for pros and cons in ANY subject. It is a perfect way to get kids to think about various points of view. Compare and contrast is another way to use a T-chart.

I have used a T-chart to teach my students visualization strategies, to write poetry, to take notes during a listening comprehension activity, to compare two characters, books, and settings! It is also a good way to begin thinking about a persuasive essay.

Do you have a favorite graphic organizer?

Happy Reading!!


  1. I love the T-chart! So many uses in 7th and 8th grade ELA classroom :D

  2. I use many graphic organizers and I can't say I have a favorite... The T-chart definitely wins for most versatile!!