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May 9, 2010

What's in a Name?

I love books! As a teacher, I love it even more when a student surprises me with an astute observation!

I am reading Winn Dixie with my 5th graders. The students were reading independently and a new character was introduced. The character's name is "Gloria Dump." One of my students said to me, "Wow, look at this character's name. The words don't belong together, but they really describe the character."

I actually did a double take as my book geek teacher-self yelled "YES! " inside my head! We had a great discussion about the character, her personality, and how they relate to her name!

Well, this little educational inner joy turned on my teacher thinking cap. I encouraged my book club to look for more hidden/double meanings throughout the book. The kidos are now having a little friendly book club competition to come up with the best hidden name/word as they read!

How many other books out there have a play on words or hidden meanings in character names or settings? I wonder!

Happy Reading!

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