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June 30, 2010

Summer Slide

Most teachers know there is summer slide for kids because their brain is not working as hard as it does during the school year. Here are some daily activities I do with the kido I tutor to keep her brain in work mode all summer long:

1. Read aloud to me and then retell the story.

2. Weekly spelling words. Daily writing of the words on a white board. We also go outside and write them with chalk on the sidewalk.

3. We play scrabble, sight word bingo, sight word memory, and the game "Magic Word Bucket" which I blogged about

4. Weekly poetry activities. I made a poetry notebook for my kido and I give her two new poems a week that we choral read together.

5.Write and illustrate her own books.

6. Play educational computer games.

7. Write a grocery list for her parents and then organize that grocery list by food categories.

8. Assemble a puzzle.

9. Participate in a reading program at the local library. I also have used the summer reading rewards from my local Barnes and Nobles.

10. Write to family and friends using email, letters, and postcards.

11. Read the newspaper to learn about special summer events. We also read the comics to practice fluency.

The beat part of all these activities I do with kidos is I suggest the parents do it with their child, too!

Happy Reading !

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