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July 8, 2010

Poetry Books for Teachers

Poetry is part of my weekly tutoring. As I have said before it is great for increasing fluency and word recognition. I also use poems for looking at word patterns.

Here are a few of my favorite books I use for poetry:

Phonics Through Poetry
by B. Hajdusiewicz
These poems are wonderful. I pull from this book when I am looking for a specific theme or holiday poem. There is also a lot of word patterns withing these poems!

Scholastic's 70 Wonderful Word Family Poems
*** Even though this books has the grades K-2 on the corner, I have used it with my 4th graders as part of their weekly spelling units.

Scholastic's 40 Wonderful Blend & Digraph Poems *** Great for first and second graders! I have used this with the kido I tutor when we work on a specific blend. It makes a nice bi-weekly change from those phonics worksheets.

Happy Reading !

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