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July 11, 2010

Poetry Possibilites !

On Friday I attended a workshop about using poetry can in the classroom. Here is the blog of the the teacher/presenter:

Five "big ideas" I came away with regarding poetry in a classroom are:

1. Read poetry to your students as a part of a daily ritual in your schedule.

2. Revisit poems over and over. Each time a poem is heard or read, it has a new meaning.

3. Create a poetry center and change it up a lot! Make it a place to read poems, illustrate poems, write poems, find favorite poems or even a favorite line from a poem.... a place to foster a love of poetry!

4. Keep your own poetry journal and when your students write and read poetry, do the same... be a poetry loving role model!

The most meaniful lesson for me was when the presenter said:

5. "Remember words stay with you... always!" She suggested that everyone should find words they love, words that bring comfort. As teachers, we should teach our students to do the same with poetry!

Happy Reading !

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