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August 22, 2010

Compare Contrast

Here is great way to kick off the school year with two fun books!

I have always loved Amelia Bedelia and how she misunderstands directions. A new book published last year has a young Amelia on her first day of school. I guess at a young age, she had trouble with misunderstanding the English language.

Amelia Bedelia's First Day of School
by Herman Parish

Make a list of all the ways Amelia confused directions on the first day of school. Save this list for tomorrow's part two of this lesson.

Amelia Bedelia Goes Back to School
by: Herman Parish

Compare the cover before the read aloud to yesterday's book. Predict what kinds of things Amelia (the adult) may misunderstand. After the read aloud make a new list.

Have students take a blank piece of paper and fold it in half. Ask them to draw a child Amelia and an adult Amelia. Have them use their favorite example of the book and write a compare contrast about their pictures. They could also describe a new misunderstanding related to school if they are in an upper grade!

These books are also a great way to teach mulitple meanings!

Happy Reading !

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