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August 1, 2010

Happy August !

Some teachers are heading back to school in a few weeks. I have one more month of summer vacation and I plan to enjoy all those free moments! For those teachers who are planning for their return to classrooms, I found a nice writing activity for back to school from my favorite website The Mailbox Magazine ! I hope it is helpful!

From The Mailbox Weekly Newsletter:

What Did You Read This Summer?

Ask each student to choose one book that he or she read this summer. Print or photocopy the cover to fill the left half of a sheet of paper. Have the student summarize the story on the right half of the paper without giving away any surprises or the ending. Then direct the reader to rate the book by applying one to five colorful star stickers. Post the reports on a bulletin board titled “Books Rated by Us!” Then encourage students to try out some of the books recommended by their classmates. If a child does indeed read a classmate’s book, have him add his name and his own rating to the book’s report.

I think this idea can be adapted to all grades, too! If the teacher wants to model her favorite summer picture book with a response the kidos can write their own during the first few weeks of school. This could also be used with the primary students if a teacher creates her own fill in the blank book review. The possibilities are endless for a fun September writing lesson.

Happy Reading & Writing!

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