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August 15, 2010

Preparing for a Substitute Teacher

I worked as a substitute teacher for a few years. It is a challenging job! Here a a few ways to prepare your classroom for a substitute.

I read this on my favorite website and thought it was a great way to help your students prepare. Thank you for the great advice.

Planning for a Substitute Teacher

• To begin, have students share feelings about substitutes.
• Have them imagine their day with the substitute.
• Help students imagine being a substitute.
• Guide students to brainstorm hands-on ways to help the substitute.
• Finally, lead students to plan how they'll implement their ideas.

I would make a few charts to keep posted in the classroom. When you know you are going to be out, pull those chart papers out and post them back on the chalkboard as a reminder to students when they enter the room!

More Helpful Tips:

Have a "Sub Tub" for those emergency sick days! I have two or three read alouds in mine with comprehension questions and a graphic organizer for the students to complete.

Have a silent reading passage for students to complete.

Provide a photo with the students name. I use those extra classroom stickers we are given from picture day. It is great for a seating chart as well as for little notes about students that may have allergies or pull outs.

A list of the students' favorite games with directions.

An extra schedule

A list of phone numbers for the office, the nurse, your team mates!

Here is a great website that offers more tips: Substitute Teacher Ideas

Thank you TeachingHeart!

Here's to all those substitute teachers! Hope you have a wonderful year!

As always........... Happy Reading !

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  1. Those are all fantastic tips! I subbed three times before I graduated from college, and each time resulted in a tearful meltdown in my car... much of the stress could have been avoided if more detailed plans had been written up!