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August 28, 2010

Primary Writing Assessment

Here is a quick way to assess what your first and second students know about writing and spelling.

Give your students a blank piece of paper with two blank lines at the bottom. Tell them you are going to set a timer and give them about 4-5 minutes to write all the words they know how to spell. Tell them to make the words as neat as possible with spaces between them. Remind the students good writers do not squish words together.

*** Tell the student to leave the lines on the bottom of the page blank for the second part of this writing activity. ***

Walk around as the students do this to make quick assessments about your kidos. You can see who leaves their paper blank and who has a long list of words. I suggest if you see a kido who has a blank paper, to lean over and give them hints to look around to room for words he/she may know and to copy them.

After the timer goes off, tell the students to stop!

Next, ask the students to use some of their favorite words from their list to write a sentence on the blank lines. This will show you who remembers to capitalize the first letter in the sentence and who uses punctuation!

Now.. you have an idea what your first mini-lesson for writing should be and which kidos may need some extra support during writing!

Happy Writing!

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