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September 9, 2010

How to Listen to a Story

In the first grade, there is a lot to teach those little ones about reading. I taught a lesson yesterday that related to a reading procedure. Because there is such a wide range of abilities, I knew I had to use pictures for my lesson. I talked with the students about "How to Listen to a Story." We talked about the right way to listen to a story and the wrong way. Here is a picture of the poster I made for the first graders.

My favorite picture is of the boy with a zipper over his lips. LOL

Today when we reread the poster, I pointed to my eyes, my ears, and zipped my own lips with the students. Then I opened my book to read. When ever I noticed my students were not following one of the "rules" I used the hand signal, for the visual reminder for the kido to listen and refocus on the story. This worked great because it did not interrupt my flow of reading aloud!

What kind of procedures do you teach your students for reading?

Happy Reading!

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