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September 26, 2010

Reading is Thinking !

This is one of my FAVORITE books to read aloud! The teacher in a first grade classroom is doing a theme about friendship. She had this book as one of the choices she asked me to read aloud. I just had to choose it! I read the story over two days.

We are practicing "Reading is Thinking" in the classroom. I finished the story on Friday and stopped a few times to check for understanding. Then I asked the students to go back to their seats and show me what they were thinking about the book. The kidos drew pictures of their thinking. I walked around and whispered "What are you thinking?" I wrote their thoughts on their papers.

We then shared our thinking! Without any prompts some studnets shared their text to self connections or their favroite parts of the story. It was great to see how different their thoughts and pictures were. Here is one example:
It just goes to show this reading teacher: First Graders are THINKING during reading! (Even when they are wiggle worms!)

Happy Reading !

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