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October 16, 2010

Halloween Read Aloud

Skeleton Hiccups by Margery Cuyler is a cute story!

A skeleton is bothered by hiccups and his friend Ghost tries to help him get rid of them.

One way I use this book with my students is to go on a word hunt because there are a lot of sight words in this book.

In first grade, we have been making text to self connections, so this story fits right in with that reading strategy. How many kids have had the hiccups? We make connections to what Mom or Dad does at home to "cure those pesky hiccups."

I write the text on chart paper, but use post it notes to cover up certain, repetitive text. After reading the book two days in a row to the students, we look at the chart paper on the third day and see if we can "guess the missing word." We also add new words to the text to rewrite the story.

A writing activity for students is to write a new recipe to cure a skeleton's hiccups. It is interesting for kids to think what kind of medicine a skeleton would take to cure hiccups. Hang these on a bulletin board called "Halloween Hiccup Cures" until November 1st and then turn them into a class book .

Happy Reading!

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