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November 1, 2010

Role Reversal

Here is another fun idea from!

Would your students like a chance to switch roles with you? Sure they would! Try this fun role reversal.

Give each student a homework worksheet with answers, many of them incorrect. Ask that each youngster find and correct the errors on his/her page. It's surprising how excited students can get about filling your shoes.

I see so many possibilities for this idea. This activity can be done with sight word spelling practice at the primary level. A cloze activity where the "answers" are all mixed up which makes the sentences sound funny! A grammar page where the nouns are suppose to be underlined, but the verbs or adjectives are instead! This is a great way to teach students to read with detail!

I have done this in a variety of grades. I find that if you have younger students, tell them how many mistakes are on the page. I noticed with a lot of my students when they are given an editing paper with errors, they tend to over correct! For example, tell them “There are 4 spelling mistakes and three missing end marks!”

Have Fun and Happy Reading!!

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