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November 28, 2010

Two Great Blogs !!

I love reading blogs. Click below to read two wonderful first grade blogs, I discovered this weekend:

First Grade Parade

First Grader at Last

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November 25, 2010



Enjoy your long weekend!
I am blessed with so many wonderful things!

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November 22, 2010

Funnies !

Some cute comics I have seen lately. Enjoy:

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November 21, 2010

Story Elements

Here is another great idea from my weekly newsletter from Mailbox Magazine (Click if you want to see the website):

Understanding Story Elements

Set up three small baskets—one labeled “characters,” one labeled “setting,” and one labeled “events.” Cut out slips of paper and list a different element from the particular story you’ll be reading on each one. Then place all the slips in an envelope.

After reading the story, students draw a slip of paper. Read to the class what the slip says and talk about whether it describes the story’s characters, setting, or events. Have the child place the slip in the corresponding bin.

These baskets could then be moved to a writing center. When kids are struggling with writing, they can go to the basket and pull a slip for an idea to add to their story!

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November 12, 2010

Thanksgiving Read Alouds

Bring on the Turkey !!

I love this Thanksgiving book:

When Amelia Bedelia helps out with the school Thanksgiving play, she causes quite a scene. Let's all give thanks for another funny new Amelia Bedelia story!

If you like this here are a few other Thanksgiving read alouds:

Thanksgiving Read Aloud

Another Read Aloud

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November 7, 2010

Turkey Tale

The letter T is coming up in my Kindergarten lessons. This is just perfect because I have a cute story and some Thanksgiving activities that fit perfect with the letter T.

10 Fat Turkeys by Tony Johnston is a counting story.

I will read aloud this book to the students and talk about the words that start with T from the story.

I will ask each student which turkey was their favorite from the story and why. Then, the K kids will make a foam turkey.

There is also a rhyming pattern. During a second read aloud, the K kids will be asked to listen for the rhyming words as part of a rhyming lesson.

Happy Reading

November 1, 2010

Role Reversal

Here is another fun idea from!

Would your students like a chance to switch roles with you? Sure they would! Try this fun role reversal.

Give each student a homework worksheet with answers, many of them incorrect. Ask that each youngster find and correct the errors on his/her page. It's surprising how excited students can get about filling your shoes.

I see so many possibilities for this idea. This activity can be done with sight word spelling practice at the primary level. A cloze activity where the "answers" are all mixed up which makes the sentences sound funny! A grammar page where the nouns are suppose to be underlined, but the verbs or adjectives are instead! This is a great way to teach students to read with detail!

I have done this in a variety of grades. I find that if you have younger students, tell them how many mistakes are on the page. I noticed with a lot of my students when they are given an editing paper with errors, they tend to over correct! For example, tell them “There are 4 spelling mistakes and three missing end marks!”

Have Fun and Happy Reading!!