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February 14, 2011

Friendship Theme

I read online somewhere that February is the month to celebrate friendship. With that in mind here are a few books to read and use to discuss friendship.

Day one: Make a list of character traits on chart paper that describe a good friend. Read aloud The Rainbow Fish and discuss how Rainbow Fish became a good friend. Use the chart to help guide the discussion.

Day two: I have students trace a huge heart and write their name in the middle. We then pass them around the classroom and each student writes a positive comment on the heart about why that person is a great friend. I have kids write on both sides and we hang them around the room for all to read.

*** I have only done this in 4th grade, so you may have to modify this idea for young kids! Maybe choose a student a day and write the comments on chart paper.

Day Three: Poetry Writing. Discuss what friends do together and make a huge list. Keep in the back of your mind the ideas and words that begin with the letters for your acrostic poem. Then, have students write an acrostic poem using the word 'friends' or 'friendship.' In the past I have put these poems on paper with a Rainbow Fish for the students to decorate.

More books to read and discuss:

Click below for one of my favorite websites that has some more books:

Teaching Heart

What do you do to encourage and teach friendship in the classroom?

Happy Reading !

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