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February 2, 2011

Valentine's Day

Last year I had a busy February, so I never did post any Valentine's Ideas. Today is a snow day - WOO HOO! That means I have some time to share my favorite Valentine's Day Ideas!

Favorite picture books to share with those primary kidos:

Who doesn't love a mouse or an aardvark?

Favorite Writing Activity:

I have the students write "I love __________ because ________. " on pink and red hearts. They can do up to three different hearts. Then I put them on a bulletin board "Who do you love?" I have seen some really sweet responses when I had my own classroom.

Favorite Teacher Website (Just click below) :

Valentine's Day Printables from Teaching Heart

Favorite Activity:

This time of year, I would usually teach a huge unit on compound words. We would use them in word study, English, and writing. Then I would make a bunch of games with "Broken Hearts." The kids work with a partner to play a Go Fish version of matching up compound words.

The best part of broken hearts is there are so many other ideas and concepts to make games such as contractions, vocabulary words with a definition, synonyms, and antonyms.

What are your favorite Valentine's Day activities?

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