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April 25, 2011

Back to Work

My vacation is over and I was back to work today. That early alarm clock was TOUGH!!!

I looked at my students' papers word study reflections today. I am using a sheet that has three starter sentences on them. I am trying to get my students to think and write a quality reflection without my help. They have been spoon fed too long!!!

During the two week cycle, the students have a day when we talk about the word patterns. We look at examples and write a few ideas down in word study notebooks. This is suppose to guide them into writing a quality reflection!

.... BUT for some reason, the majority of the students have difficulty with these three starter sentences:

I sorted my words by ______ .
I have learned _______.
My word study words will help me in my reading and writing by _____.

I just do not know what else to do! The classroom teacher is also at a loss for ideas.

Any suggestions from my blog readers would be greatly appreciated!!

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