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April 3, 2011

Happy Poetry Month !

In Honor of Poetry Month, here is a poem that warms my heart because I LOVE shoes!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A Closet Full of Shoes by: Shel Silverstein

Party shoes with frills and bows,

Workin’ shoes with steel toes,

Sneakers, flip-flops. And galoshes,

Brogans, oxfords, satin pumps,

Dancin’ taps and wooden clumps,

Shoes for climbin’ shoes for hikes,

Football cleats and baseball spikes,

Shoes of shiny patent leather,

Woolly shoes for winter weather,

Loafers, rough-outs, sandals, spats,

High heels, low heels, platforms, flats,

Moccasins and fins and flippers,

Shower clogs ballet slippers…

A zillion shoes and just one missin’--

That’s the one that matches this’n.

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Happy Reading !

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