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April 2, 2011

Hello April !

Did anyone fall prey to an April Fools' joke from their students? If you did, please share!

In my one classroom a 4th grade girl gave me a hug and I felt her press my back, so I knew she put a post-it on my back. It said, "Hi Everyone!!" A few girls giggled, but I pulled it off after a few minutes.

Another gal comes in early with her grandmother. She told a fellow classmate that their teacher was giving them a test on everything they had learned Thursday. The kido believed her and of course, she then said "April Fools'!"

Later in the afternoon two of my 4th grade boys that ALWAYS forget to do their word study homework came up to me and said, "I forgot my homework." I said, "Again! What am I going to do with you boys?" They yelled "April Fools!" Then they actually turned in their homework.... LOL

I am glad I made it though the day! The longer I teach, the easier April Fools' Day gets.... and hopefully next year it falls on Saturday!

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