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April 9, 2011

Who are you again?

I wish there was a space on this teacher that had a name tag on it. Teachers do have a variety of titles. Teacher juggle every day! Sometimes it is exhausting, other times it is pure joy! Yesterday, one of my favorite things that happened to me!

One of my 4th grade students, who is very sweet, funny, and clever, walked up to me during the morning routine. I was VERY tired.. it had been a long week mainly because I did not sleep well ! He came up to to me to ask a question, I was sleepy and distracted.

He said "MOM" then stopped looked at me again and said, "Opps, Mrs. --- "

I looked at him and we both just cracked up. I asked, "Did you just call 'Mom'?"

He replied, "Yes, and I don't know why?" and we both cracked up again!

I always find it endearing when this happens especially with the other students. Teachers do spend a lot of time with their students. It is indirectly a compliment from the student who does it. So, in my tired state, that simple word, just perked me right up and the rest of the day seemed a breeze. I have this student to thank for that! Have you ever been called 'Mom'?

Happy Reading!

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