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May 27, 2011

End of the Year Review

Here is fun end of the year idea from my favorite e-mail newsletter!
Thank you !!! Here is as link if you want to check out the website: The Mailbox Magazine

Literacy Word Review

Obtain a class supply of small paper plates. Use large letters to program each plate with a familiar high-frequency word. Then spread a large checkered tablecloth on the floor and have students sit around it. Give each student a prepared paper plate.

To begin, play some lively music and ask the students to pass their plates around the group. Stop the music and have the youngsters stop passing the plates. Go around the group asking each student to read the plate he holds and to show the word to his classmates. Resume the music to continue the activity. Works with alphabet letters, too!

As always, I can see this idea working with all sorts of literacy concepts:

1. story elements
2. vocabulary from all curriculum area
3. short and long vowels
4. synonyms - Have one student read his/her word and then the partner call out their matching synonym
5. character traits

Can you think of any more ideas?

Happy Reading!

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