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July 21, 2011

My Favorite Teacher Tools

I work with small groups and some teachers have me push into their classrooms. I have to be very organized. Last year, I had supplies in three different places and it was crazy! Because I work with a range of reading abilities, every week I had to put my reading books away and bring out new ones for the following week.

One of my favorite ways to stay organized is by using these: I label the outside of my trays with the names of my students. I even kept all necessary supplies for each small group in the tray. Their writing journals, sight words cards, crayons, sharpies, and my "boo boo" tape for their writing mistakes were in every room.

Another favorite tool is my magnetic letters. I love these ones from the website Really Good Stuff. I love how the vowels are red and the consonants are blue!
I help teachers test students and also co-teach during the first two weeks of school. Once I have my groups set, I meet with them and share (usually grade 1 & 2) my favorite book: We then talk about what "jitters" they have about reading.

What are some of your favorite teacher tools?

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