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July 2, 2011

Summer Update

Here is a visual post of what I have done so far on my vacation:

I played in my garden! Here is a new flower I planted this year.
I went to the movies for 1.00 !! WOOHOO ! I highly recommend reading this book and then showing the movie to your students!

I spent some time poolside ( Thank you MOM! ) She really does have a palm tree in her backyard (It is wooden - LOL)

I saw this movie with my husband. We could not stop laughing! It was FREE b/c we had movie passes!

DH and I went out to dinner on a gift card!!

I have even managed to fit in some reading! I wonder what next week will bring!


  1. A trip to Niagara Falls?? hehe

  2. I think I can arrange that! Plus lunch - yours is to be free thanks to a coupon !