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August 24, 2011

Tuesday Talk: Advice for New Teachers

Today's Linky Party is from Blog Hoppin' and teachers are sharing advice to new teachers. Check out all the other teachers who are giving advice here:
Teacher Advice

Here are my "words of wisdom":

1. Get a good night's sleep !! You may want to grade one more paper, read one more book report, look up one more idea on the Internet. SET A BEDTIME and STICK TOO IT! It will be better for you, your health & your students!

2. Don't try and do everything your first year. You will want to, but it will become too much, too soon!! Choose one subject area you want to really focus on and give that subject your all! Try different things, develop some great lessons for that subject. Then next year, move onto another subject!

3. Choose ONE day to stay late. Do you plans, organize, gets your supplies and copies ready for the next 5 days, make a few back up plans. Then REPEAT!

4. Pick one day a week and leave right away. Grab a cup of coffee, go to Target, go to the gym. Take this time to treat yourself to a non-school thing for at least an hour!

5. Talk to your students individually. Spend 15 minutes a day and just talk. They really just want you to like them. Make them feel like they are your favorite student for those precious 15 minutes. It will pay off on so many levels!

6. Take the time to sit back and reflect. It really does make one a better teacher!

Happy School Year Everyone!

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