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August 3, 2011

Two Reading Ideas

Here are two AWESOME ideas from my weekly newsletter from

Sentence Makers
This activity will have your students visiting and revisiting your big books or class-made books. Pick a book that has simple, repetitive text. Label a separate index card with each word that is used in the story. Store the word cards in a library pocket or plastic bag that is taped to the inside of the back cover. To complete the activity, a child takes out the word cards, opens the book to one of its pages, and uses the cards to copy the sentence that is on that page. Challenge each youngster to make the sentences for the entire book.

I think this idea would work well in a center. A few books could be placed there and students could work with a partner to match the sentences to the books.

Favorite Tales Glyph
Here's a unique way for youngsters to share which fairy tales are their favorites. Give each child a copy of a castle pattern. Ask the students to keep her favorite fairy tale in mind as she listens to the instructions below and adds details to her castle. When the glyphs are finished, invite youngsters to share them in small groups. Or, as a challenge, have each child show her completed castle to a partner without telling her partner what her favorite fairy tale is. Have the partner analyze the glyph to guess the tale. As an extension, help students use the glyphs to graph data, such as how many tales had wolves.

Glyph Guide
• Does your fairy tale have a wolf? If yes, draw a single door. If no, draw a double door.
• Does your fairy tale have a set of three (such as three pigs or three bears)? If yes, draw three windows across the center. If no, draw one big window.
• Does your fairy tale have a witch? If yes, draw a flag on top of one of the turrets.
• Does your fairy tale have children? If yes, draw flowers on the ground outside the castle.

What a great way to end a fairy tale unit!

Happy Reading!

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