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September 19, 2011


There is a Linky Party going on right now!! Go over to Kindergarten Teacher Tales to link up:

Confessions at Kindergarten Teacher Tales

Here are my confessions:

  • I am subbing this year, and yes, I am good at it.... BUT.. I HATE IT!

  • I miss being a reading teacher!

  • I love GLEE and I cannot wait to watch the new season.

  • I watch football all day long on Sundays. My DH thinks I am crazy!

  • I hate seeing miserable teachers who have jobs when I don't!

  • I love pumpkin lattes and could drink them all day long. LOL !

  • I am addicted to watching the Housewives of New Jersey. OK.. I am really addicted to reality t.v. I watch WAY TOO MUCH of it!

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Happy Reading!

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