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September 30, 2011

Flipping Over Flip Books

Have you ever loved one idea and used it in several different lessons?

I have and it is when I have students make flip books!

Today two classes were making flip books in social studies. They students had to read and article that was about five different time periods. Then they had to used premade flip books to write five key ideas about each time period and also illustrate that time period. The students were really into the project.

This reminded me of what I have used slip books for in the past:

1. Sequence a Picture Book ( Setting, Characters, Problem, Climax, Solution)
2. Writing a paragraph ( used 5 pages with the first page the topic sentence)
3. Reading a non-fiction text then write and illustrate main idea and details
4. Writing directions ( For example: How to make a PB&J )
5. Prefix and Suffixes
6. Character Traits
7. Book Summaries by Chapters

My friend is a math teacher and she has used flip books to teach students place value!

What is your favorite must use idea in the classroom?

Happy Reading!!

*** Picture taken from Thinking Education

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