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October 8, 2011

If You Give A ......

I blogged about a writing lesson HERE. I was teaching in a classroom on Friday and gave the lesson a try. I read If You Take a Mouse to School to the class. We talked about the pattern of the text and about other books by the same author. It was my friend's classroom and she lets me teach writing lessons when I substitute teacher for her : )

I was so pleased with the lesson and it was so much fun! The students came up with some great writing ideas! Here are two pictures of the writing. We wrote a sample together first.

The students decided to cast a spell on me... LOL.
One student had a very creative writing piece. I took the picture with my IPhone. I wish it was bigger! Here is part of one student's story:

If you take a vampire to the drive-in he will want to see Twilight. He will want to drink fruit punch because he thinks it's blood.

Other students had some clever beginnings:
"If you take a zombie to the arcade..."
"If you take a vampire to the zoo..."
"If you take a ghost to the movies..."

Happy Reading!

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