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November 6, 2011

Verteran's Day

Here are a few ideas for Veteran's Day! (In honor of my Great Grand Father and my Dad!)

Veteran's Day Ideas

Veteran's Day by Fun in First

Two Books Below:
Before reading , I sometimes make charts to prepare for the text. For these books, Ask. " What is a Verteran?" We then add more answers after we learn new ideas throug hour reading!

Story: Emily’s Pop-Pop is shocked when he hears that Emily and Vincetta Louise don’t know what a veteran is. With Veterans Day coming up, he volunteers to talk to their class about the holiday and the people it honors.
** This book also talks about narcolepsy.

Story: Through the eyes of a little girl named Claire and her friend Robbie, children learn about our nation's veterans and why we honor them on Veteran's Day.

Hope these links and books help you teach this week.
Happy Reading!!

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