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December 20, 2011

Persuasive Essay Writing

Here are some pictures of my lessons from last week. The graphic organizer was created by a teacher in the district. We use different versions depending on the grade level. Color coding it helps the students when they have to transfer their work into an essay format!
Also, I showed the students a PowerPoint I found on the web about writing a persuasive essay. Here is the link: Persuasive Essay Ideas
This is a great website!! We talked about the language of a persuasive essay. We did a sample graphic organizer and essay together.
All week, I read books about winter and snow for a week. We made a list of fun things to do during winter. On the day we went to write our essay, I also read one of my favorite books - Snowmen All Year
I asked the students if they liked winter or summer better. They then wrote their own persuasive essays. I will have to take a picture of the bulletin board. It turned out so cute!

Here is a copy of mine that I wrote to help the students move from their graphic organizer to their final copy! I wish the quality was better (I used my camera from my phone!)

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