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January 1, 2012

Compound Words

Many of my blog readers know I just love a certain author. I try to use her books as much as possible. Yes, it's another Laura Numeroff book!! I was looking through this book and a new idea jumped out at me!
There are several compound words in this story:

pancake, suitcase, homesick, something
tap shoes, mailbox, backyard, tree house
wallpaper, maple syrup

I am teaching a student to chunk words. I think showing her these compound words will be another strategy she can use to read multi- syllabic words. I am going to make some cut apart index cards to practice putting compound words together.

A wonderful thing about the words from this book is a lot of them are nouns. I plan to use the actual picture and put the two word parts in the picture than cut the picture in half for another fun practice activity. Here is an example below:

Happy Reading!

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